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So i finally caved and got an ipod touch. Loving it!!

I got it for two main reasons.
One- I really needed an mp3 player to motivate me to start jogging around the lake again.
Two- With this new toy, I can do some woek things while not at my desk (aka: update inventory in real time)

It’s really nice. I know it’s been a long while but with work being as crazy as it’s about to be, I cant post as often as I would like.

BUT in case you live under a rock, here is some druid news.
Tranquility will have its CD reduced by 2.5/5 minutes via Malfurion’s Gift. It will also feature a 100% pushback immunity mechanic. YAY!!!

New ZA and ZG are coming out soon. I hope I’m not the only person not prepared. Loot tables look less than stellar. Lots of Spi/Crit on the caster leather pieces.

In unrelated news, I got to have some fun in TK. We killed Kael too quickly in p3 so he bugged on my friend Riz. I made a recording of this strange side-effect.

The video is entitled Riz flies a Kite’thas. Link below:

Riz flies a Kite’thas

Anyway, time to sleep so I can enjoy my one-day weekend.

How do you balance work/wow/personal life/sleep and find time to eat? Do you have any odd/fun experiences with boss bugs? Leave a comment and let me know.


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