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So the other night, I was sitting in raid thinking “Hmm, how could healing be more interesting?”

Healing Challenges!

It sounds a little strange, but I think people will really enjoy them. Here’s just a few:

Minimal Healing Challenge (Chimaeron): Whoever does the least amount of healing wins x amount of gold. Now, this one may need a bit of tweaking because of tank healers and sic priests, but the concept is there. Done this one twice with 2 different winners.

Inefficient Challenge (For any/all bosses): Not one I’d use for your hard/progression content, but great for farm bosses. In this challenge, you are not allowed to use your small,efficient heal. This is one is more suited to be going on the entire night because it’s much easier to check logs afterwards and see who qualified. It has multiple winners and each receive x amount of gold if they didn’t use their efficient heal.

Unquenchable Challenge: There are two versions of this challenge. 1) Players who use no/the least amount of mana potions for all bosses OR 2) Players who use no/the least amount of mana potions for a specific boss. There can be multiple winners for this one or there could be one.

Of course there are ways to make these better/more challenging and I encourage you to try some out or make ones of your own. I just think it adds a bit of fun to the monotony of farm content.


I have also changed my UI (again) and will be posting it soon/now depending on how much time I have this morning. Addons are the same, just a different layout. I generally try to mix up my UI every 3 months if I can, just to keep things fresh and interesting. I also get a lot of unwanted opinions ideas when my butthole guildies friendsĀ get a hold of my UI and start bashing talking about it. Meh.


What do you think of the healer challenges? Will you implement your own? Tell me aboot it!


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