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Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on my Priest(ess). Yes, Niq has made his not-so-butch priest Junius into a lady elf named… Niqqi. Anywhoodle, it’s been so much fun playing on a different character, especially one I thought I would never play seriously again. Having the freedom to swap between Holy and Discipline, which changes the whole experience, is a nice change of pace from the HoTness of a druid.

When Cataclysm was coming up and the subject of “main alts” was brought up, Cosmopolitan was my automatic first choice. He had been my Healer-gone-Tank-back-to-Heals-for-the-weekend-runs alt and RP character for quite a while. Longer than I’d ever had a serious raiding alt. But the Cataclysm really changed it for me. Not to say that I QQ’d because paladin tanking/healing was hard ( I actually have a good friend who lets me pick her brain about Prot) but the healing part was just a little overwhelming. New resource, new spells, new stat priorities. At least with the druid, I knew all the spells already and the function was pretty similar.

Cosmo was still the first alt leveled to 85 after Niq, but my interest really fizzled after about a week of play. So then I just left him and my other alts be…. until a month or so ago.

One day, I worked up the nerve to log onto my priest and try to rekindle the spark that died 2 years ago. At first it was difficult, I knew nothing of the class other than what I read in patch notes briefly. i tried first leveling as disc with the “smite spam” method, but it felt too slow so I did what I couldn’t do the first 2 times on this and my previous priest. I went Shadow to level. Oh em god, so fast! Long and boring story short, the Priest(ess) is now level 85 and I’ve begun raiding on my off-nights with a smaller, more casual guild. Happy time!

Someday I may pick the paladin back up, but for now he’s strictly RP. The patrons of the Wyvern’s Tail seem to enjoy him too much for his attention to go elsewhere. I’ll have to tell the story of how he got his nickname “Bad hair Day”, but that’s for another time.


Late druid news:

Efflorescence and Tranquility changes…

  • Efflorescence has been redesigned. It creates a healing zone at the feet of a Swiftmend target, but this healing zone now restores health equal to 4/8/12% of the amount healed by Swiftmend to the three most injured targets within 8 yards, every 1 second for 7 seconds. This periodic effect now also benefits from spell haste, but the individual ticks cannot be critical effects. In addition, Living Seed is no longer a prerequisite talent for Efflorescence.
  • Druids now innately have 100% pushback protection from damage while channeling Tranquility.
  • Malfurion’s Gift now reduces the cooldown of Tranquility by 2.5/5 minutes.

Something for the Trolls:

  • The troll druid models for Flight Form and Swift Flight Form has slimmed down to be more in scale with other druid flight forms.


The changes to efflo looked kind of scary at a glance. Only going to heal 3 targets at a time!? But haste will contribute to tics and it’s no longer “gimped” for +6 players in the area-of-effect. Inability to crit is a sacrifice I’m sure many of us are willing to take. Also, the fact that we are no longer tied to Living Seed is fantastic. Depending on your current spec, you could divide those 3 talents from LS to Blessing of the Grove/Nature’s Bounty/Nature’s Swiftness (if you’re one of “those” druids who didn’t take it already). 3 Points of freedom, yum. Who knows, maybe people will leave those points in LS, but I plan on moving them around.

Flight form change for bats, YAY!

Now to Tranquility. Beruthiel of Falling Leaves and Wings said it best in my opinion so I’m going to let this link do the talking because I am in 100% agreement with her on this change. LINK!


Brief note about my personal life, work is in full swing and time is short, but I will do my best to keep The Grove alive. There’s going to be a lot to share with the new patch coming up and I hope to not be so late next time.

It was a rough weekend, I was not able to sleep in past 10:30 on Saturday or Sunday morning so booo sunshine! I did get to change my bedding back to my summer sheets. I got yellow sheets (the actual sheet part I don’t even use) so go with the light blue comforter/pillow to remind me of living in Florida, when the beach was only 30 minutes away. D:

Toad LeFrog seems to be enjoying the change of scenery. No pillow for me tonight I guess.


How do you feel about the changes to Efflorescence? Tranquility? Have any alts surprised you lately with how fun and interesting they are? Leave a comment and let me know.


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It has been a time-consuming 2 weeks.

My job has started back and is in full swing and boy have there been some complications.

In druid news, patch 4.0.6 hit on Tuesday and my spec didn’t change one bit. I did, however, make a second spec to toy around with bu as far as main spec, no changes were made. Worgen and Trolls got their new flight form skins. This was kind of a hit/miss with people. I like the bat form, but there seem to be just a few issues with it which I’m sure will get fixed. Namely, the size, bat form could be a mount for goodness sake. /2 WTB druid saddle. Another small issue is the positioning, the form appears a bit above where it normally should (the shapeshift smoke effect happens way below the form) so this just makes it aesthetically confusing.

In alt news, Comsopolitan, my RP paladin, has reached 85 this week. Such procrastination! I am currently waiting to make Raider/Member in my current guild to bring my ppriest in as my main alt. Cosmo had his run in LK, time to dust off my BC main. Holy looks like so much fun to play and I’m really looking forward to having a fun alt again. Not that Cosmo isn’t fun, he’s just lost some luster and I’d rather him be an RP focused character now.

I know it’s not a lot and it’s been so long, but I have really been burnt-out this week. Between raid schedule and working (home and at my job >.<) there hasn’t been much time to really get a post together. I will post my Theralion & Valiona kill video. It’s not as good as Halfus, but mind you it was like my second time seeing the fight. There’s also like a 12 second blackout after the intro, nto sure why (Sony Vegas hates me) bu after that it’s all fine and dandy.

New flight forms; Good/bad/ugly? Share you opinions below.

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First of all, I must apologize to everyone who read and followed my blog while it was active.

I feel like I jumped into this endeavor with very high expectations and didn’t really plan things very well. I also fell behind in raiding and activity and I was afraid I could not catch/keep up. I had so many ideas and plans for things to do with the site, that in my search to get to point C, I got lost on the way to point B. So I am very sorry to you all! 😦

It’s taken a while and a lot more time than I would have liked, but I am back. This time things are gonna go a bit slower, my expectations are more realistic and my goals… more obtainable. My first goal is to hopefully get my budding fan base back. I feel so awful for just dropping things like I did, but I know this time around will be different.

New Year, New Guild. As you know, I was heading to a new server with a new guild on the enemy faction. This change was short-lived. It was a new environment, which is what I wanted but it was really just the same as my old one. I was not as fast getting to 85 and gearing up so I was a bit left behind when raiding started. I felt like such a failure that I cancelled my subscription and was just going to let myself fall off the face of the virtual world.

As you can see, I changed my mind. Long, boring, and unexciting story short, I am back on SWC, back on Horde side, and rediscovering the joys of druid healing. I am in a new guild now, it’s the server #2 Horde guild, Honorbound. There were some name issues, but it will be Niq again soon enough. I’ll update my armory link after this to reflect my current name and such.

I’ve only been back on the raiding scene for about a week now so not much to tell there. Oh, I did get a new robe from Magmaw on like my first Cataclysm raid experience. Awesome blossom!

The upcoming patch changes for resto druids look very interesting. First of all, Trolls and Worgen will finally get their epic flight forms. You can read all of the Patch 4.0.6 notes here. One of the changes I’m most looking forward to is the 16% increase to our mastery (Symbiosis). From what I’ve heard and experienced, our mastery wasn’t all that powerful to begin with. Not to mention kind of iffy in 25-mans, especially on Chimaeron. biggest problem is I cast Wild Growth and it will hit all but one person in my designated party rendering my mastery kind of useless. Hopefully with the reduced mana cost of Rejuv, I’ll be able to keep it up a little more often (Not 100% like in LK) on the people in my group. I’ve only seen the fight twice though (once 10 once 25) so maybe it’s just me not feeling the rhythm yet.

More to come as I go along. Oh and be sure to check out Katarnas’ blog at http://restoisepic.wordpress.com/ and give him a warm welcome to the community!

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Patch 4.0h my god.3a

That’s right, it’s this week. The Shattering of Azeroth will go live on servers this week!!

Here’s a look at the changes for druids. I’ve only put up the general and Restoration-specific changes. You can find a full list of changes, for all classes and specs, here.


  • Bear Form now provides 10% bonus health, down from 20%.
  • Nourish no longer consumes Omen of Clarity.
  • Rejuvenation has had its mana cost increased by 30%.
  • Soothe now has a 1.5-second cast time.
  • Swipe (Cat Form) can now be used even if the druid does not have a primary target selected.
  • Thorns: beginner tooltip revised to no longer imply the spell could be kept up at all times. In addition, Thorns damage has been reduced by 60%.


  • Empowered Touch now procs from Healing Touch as well as Nourish.
  • Heart of the Wild: the Bear Form Stamina bonus from this talent is now 2/4/6%, down from 3/7/10%.
  • Malfurion’s Gift no longer has Fury of Stormrage as a prerequisite talent.
  • Natural Shapeshifter now also increases Tree of Life duration by 5/10 seconds.
  • Revitalize is now a 2-point talent, down from 3. It provides a 20% chance to return 1/2% of the druid’s total mana on periodic heals from Lifebloom or Rejuvenation. This effect cannot occur more than once every 12 seconds.
  • Swift Rejuvenation is now a 1-point talent, down from 2. The global cooldown reduction this talent provides to Rejuvenation remains 0.5 seconds.
  • Symbiosis: heal-over-time spells (Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Lifebloom) can no longer benefit from this Mastery merely by refreshing themselves. A different heal-over-time spell must be present.


  • Glyph of Healing Touch now reduces the cooldown on Nature’s Swiftness by 10 seconds after using Healing Touch, up from 5 seconds.
  • Glyph of the Treant (new) allows druids to keep the original treant Tree of Life look… if they must. Must they?

Bug Fixes

  • Blood in the Water now refreshes Rip to the correct value.
  • Flight Form now properly appears in the trainer window before Expert Riding is learned.

Taking Nourish off the table for OoC procs makes sense, the spell costs virtually no mana anyway so it’s not a very disappointing change at this point. Mana cost increase for Rejuvenation means no more carpet bombing the raid. This, to me, is a much welcomed change. For so long druid healing was very brainless and provoked little to no thought, you could blindly 5×1 the raid and top the meters on Festergut.

Empowered touch already affected your Healing Touch, as far as providing bonus healing, but now the actual effect of refreshing a Lifebloom will proc off HT instead of Nourish alone. Another good change, this should make tank healing much easier since you can mash the big heal if you need to instead of risking the small heal.

Malfurion’s gift is not so worthless now since you don’t have to waste 2 points in a talent that provides 0 healing benefit. Thank you Blizzard!

Natural Shapeshifter makes ToL last longer which is nice. Revitalize is now a 2-point talent, not that people didn’t only give it 2 points anyway. Now I can sleep easy at night knowing I don’t have an incomplete talent. (Huge pet peeve of mine). I always though Swift Rejuvenation should be a 1-point talent anyway. Again, thank you Blizzard!

Mastery: Symbiosis. I’m a little unclear as to how the change to this will work. It says that these spells will not be affected by the bonus by refreshing themselves. I would think that would mean refreshing themselves via talents/procs/set bonus/etc. Such as the LB refresh from Empowered Touch or the Regrowth refresh from the glyph or Rejuv from t10 4-set bonus. In theory that means that you could cast Rejuvenation and then recast it yourself and the second Rejuvenation will benefit, but you have to manually cast the spell. I will do some reading a bit later and clarify if need be.

HT Glyphs is great, 10 second reduction > 5 second reduction. Hopefully there won’t be too much need for the ol’ “Oh sh*t NS+HT” macro, but to have it on hand more often will provide come comfort to worry wart healers like me. I didn’t quote this one, but the AoE heal changes for each class (Efflorescence, Healing Raid, Holy Radiance, Holy Word: Sanctuary) has been clarified. The amount of healing that these spells put out will diminish when they heal more than 6 people at a time. This may or may not work similar to the AoE damage spells’ 10-enemy “cap” where damage simply starts to divide if it affects more than 10 enemies. I would hope that it’s a heal divide and not a total diminish. *shrugs shoulders*

Now for the most important and highly anticipated part of 4.0.3a….. New Tree of Life models!!!!!! This is great because we can finally get that change of scenery (literally). I know not everyone is excited about these new forms so Blizzard has been kind enough to give us a minor glyph that will allow you to keep the old Treant model for Tree of Life. I’m still very much on the fence about this one. I’ve only been playing my druid for about a year or so and haven’t has as much time to “get bored” with the old model. Especially since the CD-based change came into effect and I get to see my epiq armor most of the time instead. The new models look a little strange, but overall clean and Ancient-like.


I guess this big Shattering thing that’s supposed to happen is worth mentioning. It’s not a big deal just CHANGING THE FACE OF AZEROTH FOREVER, but nothing to fret.

I’m actually really excited about this. One of the things that’s kept me from leveling more alts was the fact that I had done most of those quests many times before and seen the same zones time and time again. I’ve actually considered leveling a second druid (to be feral spec) through the new-old world. It’s not something I’ll be able to do right away since leveling/gearing/raiding and other responsibilities will be taking up most of my time, but it’s a nice project for when things slow down a bit.

The only question now is will I set my hearth to Undercity like my little group of friends, or do I follow the crowd and chill in the new Orgrimmar? Still to be determined. I’ll probably stick to Org since aimlessly flying is my favorite thing to do and Org has more air space. The downside is I’ll have to be near the poop-monster known as Garrosh, seriously, he looks like doodey.

What do you think of the Patch 4.0.3a changes? Will you level an alt in new Azeroth? Where will your new home location be?

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I woke up rather early today and sat with my mother at our little bistro-style dinning room table and enjoyed a nice glass of orange juice. A welcomed change of pace from the craziness going on with druids and my thoughts on them. Let’s get started shall we…

First order of business. Efflorescence. I’m just going to go into this very briefly as I would like to keep my blood from boiling before I get to the good news. A new beta build was introduced and with it came some changes to the leafy green circle we all know and love. “When you heal with your Swiftmend spell you also sprout a bed of healing flora underneath the target, healing all nearby friendly targets within 0 yards for 30% (down from 60%) of the amount healed by your Swiftmend over 7 sec. Healing effectiveness diminishes for each player beyond 6 within the area.” I’m not going to get all fired up on this one because it is still in Beta and subject to change. Blizzard has made some mistakes in the past, but in general, treats their healers right. Some people will complain about this change and how it lowers our effectiveness and reduces incentive for others to stand in the green circle (more than 6 people = less healing?). This change, though unpopular, is for the best I’m sure and will help to balance AE healing between classes. *crosses fingers*

Next order of business. Troll druid epic flight form. I expected it to be a bit funky but WOW. Finally seeing the model for this made me take a step back from my pro-troll race change decision. I’m still fully planning on race changing my druid to a Troll as soon as possible (with reasonable wait time), but now my frostbrood drake is becoming more attractive as a general use flyer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not upset with the model. It is very fitting for the troll race and I’m a bit shocked the colors aren’t as vivid as those on the cat and bear models. The model was a bit of a shocker, but not a deal-breaker. Berserking makes up for any strange looking forms that trolls have. Can’t wait to see moonkin!

The good news. I finally got around to fixing my UI and, in the process, mixing it up a bit. I would have procrastinated longer, but a new Bane group that I was invited to required my full effectiveness. And I really can’t do much when things like grid are not configured properly. The UI is, however, all done finally. This is probably going to be the UI I go into Cataclysm with, assuming the core mods I use are updated quickly. Grid, my most relied-upon addon, took about a day and a half to update after patch 4.0 went live. Anyway here is a screenshot I took yesterday in Dalaran. (Click image for larger view.)

Before I get yelled about my keybinds, the Nu (Number pad) buttons are not the actual number pad on my keyboard. They’re actually the side buttons on my mouse.  I use grid + mouseover macros for my healing spells (toyed with Clique and didn’t like it, felt too much like Healbot/VuhDo). Anyway, there it is. Tell me what you think. I’m always looking to improve upon my UI whether it be the efficiency or cleanliness so suggestions are always welcome.

I think that about sums up my morning thoughts, or at least the ones I’m awake enough to conjure. I know the news is a bit late, but I’ve been a little busy lately preparing for the coming months. Preparing at work to ship winter citrus, redoing my boss kill video introduction for Cata bosses, rushing the shaman to 80, and a mess of other little things. Thank you all for reading/commenting/subscribing. So much more to come in Cataclysm…

What do you think of the new flight forms? How do you feel about the new Efflorescence mechanic? E-mail me or leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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As you may already know, the mechanic for combat resurrections (Rebirth and Soulstone) is being redesigned in the expansion. (Blue Post)

I’m really looking forward to this change and seeing it in action during serious progression content, something we haven’t had in a while. I hoping that this will encourage more players to put surviving the fight and helping the healers conserve mana by using damage reducing abilities in front of topping the meters and just expecting a combat resurrection. The combat resurrection limit will require more focused coordination between raiders and, in my opinion, promote a smoother progression. I agree with the change 100% and hope that this change makes for a better raiding experience, no matter how casual or serious a guild is.

How does this change affect you and your guild? What effect do you think this will have on the raiding community? Tell me what you think.

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