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It has been a time-consuming 2 weeks.

My job has started back and is in full swing and boy have there been some complications.

In druid news, patch 4.0.6 hit on Tuesday and my spec didn’t change one bit. I did, however, make a second spec to toy around with bu as far as main spec, no changes were made. Worgen and Trolls got their new flight form skins. This was kind of a hit/miss with people. I like the bat form, but there seem to be just a few issues with it which I’m sure will get fixed. Namely, the size, bat form could be a mount for goodness sake. /2 WTB druid saddle. Another small issue is the positioning, the form appears a bit above where it normally should (the shapeshift smoke effect happens way below the form) so this just makes it aesthetically confusing.

In alt news, Comsopolitan, my RP paladin, has reached 85 this week. Such procrastination! I am currently waiting to make Raider/Member in my current guild to bring my ppriest in as my main alt. Cosmo had his run in LK, time to dust off my BC main. Holy looks like so much fun to play and I’m really looking forward to having a fun alt again. Not that Cosmo isn’t fun, he’s just lost some luster and I’d rather him be an RP focused character now.

I know it’s not a lot and it’s been so long, but I have really been burnt-out this week. Between raid schedule and working (home and at my job >.<) there hasn’t been much time to really get a post together. I will post my Theralion & Valiona kill video. It’s not as good as Halfus, but mind you it was like my second time seeing the fight. There’s also like a 12 second blackout after the intro, nto sure why (Sony Vegas hates me) bu after that it’s all fine and dandy.

New flight forms; Good/bad/ugly? Share you opinions below.


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